Men's embroidered shirt "Odessite"

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Men's embroidered shirt "Odessite"

Men's embroidered shirt "Odessite" is an analog of the original embroidered shirt from Odessa, that won a lot of sympathy. It combines motif of authentic Ukrainian embroidery with Odessa tourism logo. "Odessite" is a colorful shirt with a special meaning. 

Traditional colors of embroidered shirt has a profound archaic meaning. White color is a symbol of purity and energy. Red is the color of blood, fire, passion. It attracts the energy of harmony, creation and love. A black color symbolizes fertility, because it is the color of earth. Along with traditional elements of Ukrainian embroidery, such as rhombus and mother symbol (eight-pointed star-flower), flaunts Odessa anchor, in which are traceable heart, waves and lighthouse.

Embroidered shirt has a cut in the middle. It is decorated with embroidery, made on the Japanese industrial machines. There are used high quality thread that do not fade. The product is hand stitched by our  caring seamstresses.

Material: 100% high quality natural linen.

Recommended Product Care: dry cleaning.

Made in Ukraine.