Embroidered Boho style dress "Airy fantasy"

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Embroidered Boho style dress "Airy fantasy"

Long dress "Airy Fantasy" is designer's elegant dress. Its embroidery gives to the image uniqueness and lightness. Interesting style of the dress does not restrict movements, in this dress you will feel free and at the same time you'll get a luxury image. 

In this dress intertwines original floral and geometrical ornament, also it has interesting color combination. Yellow and orange colors of embroidery have own symbolism, despite the fact that these colors was not used as the main in the Ukrainian embroidery. Orange color is the symbol of glory, grandeur and dignity. Yellow color is a symbol of warmth and joy. Also it is the color of gold and ripe wheat. Yellow color represents sunlight and earth as the basis of ripe grain. Off white color of fabric is a symbol of innocence, purity and joy.

Dress length - 130 cm. Embroidery is made from high quality thread, that do not fade.

Metal snaps are placed on all length of dress.

Material: 100% high quality natural linen.

Recommended product care: dry cleaning.

Made in Ukraine.