Men's embroidery "American"

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Men's embroidery "American"

Men's embroidered shirt "American" is a symbiosis of traditional Ukrainian ornament and American flag. It is stylish and bright addition to the wardrobe of confident man. Trendy motif of Ukrainian embroidery in an unexpected context attracts attention. "American" is a perfect way to express yourself without words. 

The coloring of the American flag has its own interpretation in the Ukrainian culture. White color is a symbol of purity and energy. Blue is the color of the water, it symbolizes the purification and the peace of mind, also this color is a powerful talisman. Fiery red color attracts the energy of harmony, creation, love. This color combination is treated as a contrast between the energy and tranquility. In American culture the same colors are treated in following way: red color symbolize endurance and valor, dark blue color symbolize diligence, fairness and vigilance, and white color symbolize innocence and purity. 13 stripes on American flag symbolize the 13 British colonies that formed the independent state, blue rectangle in the canton is the Union and the number of stars corresponds to the number of states. All these elements, executed on the motifs of Ukrainian embroidery, discloses in a new way and blur the boundaries between cultures.

Embroidered shirt has a cut in the middle. It is decorated with embroidery, made on the Japanese industrial machines. There are used high quality thread that do not fade. The product is hand stitched by our  caring seamstresses.

Material: 100% high quality natural linen.

Recommended Product Care: dry cleaning.

Made in Ukraine.