Men's embroidered shirt "Oriental Fairy Tale"

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Men's embroidered shirt "Oriental Fairy Tale"

Embroidered shirt "Oriental Fairy Tale" is a colorful shirt for a confident man, that follows to fashion trends. This embroidered shirt will look great paired with any women's blouse or dress  "Oriental Fairy Tale".

The combination of black and red is traditional for Ukrainian embroidery. Black color symbolizes fertility. A rich and active red color symbolizes love, passion and sun. This color protects  from evil and attracts the energy of harmony and love. Ukrainian traditional style has a new look in combinatoin with the author's embroidery of the Oriental ornament. There can be traced  elements of "paisley" ("buta" in the Orient), which is also called "Oriental cucumber". "Oriental cucumber" comes from Persia. It is a symbol of movement, development and energy, which is  also associated with a wish of happiness and well-being to the house.

Buttons are placed on all length of shirt. It is decorated with embroidery, made on the Japanese industrial machines. There are used high quality thread that do not fade. The product is  hand stitched by our caring seamstresses.

Material: 100% high quality natural linen.

Recommended Product Care: dry cleaning.

Made in Ukraine.