Long dress with embroidery "Peacock Song"

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Long dress with embroidery "Peacock Song"

Embroidered dress "Peacock Song" is a chic combination of modern style and motifs of traditional Ukrainian embroidery, complemented with inimitable ethnic femininity. "Peacock Song" is  sure to become the main trump of your image!

The traditional combination of white, blue and black have deep archaic sense. White color is a symbol of purity and energy. Blue is the color of the water, and therefore symbolizes the  physical and mental purification. And the black color in the Ukrainian embroidery is the color of fertility. Rich embroidery of traditional motif is not less symbolic. Flowers are the symbols of  beauty, maiden attractiveness and youth. Fantastic peacocks are birds of family happiness, which bring good luck and success.

Dress length - 130 cm. It has a cutout in the middle. There are wedges on the sides of dress. Sleeves are made in the traditional Ukrainian technique "Pukhlyk". There are buttons on the  sleeves. Embroidery is made on the Japanese industrial machines. There are used high quality thread that do not fade. The product is hand stitched by our caring seamstresses.

Material: 100% high quality natural linen.

Recommended Product Care: dry cleaning.

Made in Ukraine.