Long black dress with wedges "Forest Song"

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Long black dress with wedges "Forest Song"

The dress "Forest Song" is a stylish symbiosis of the modern trend and archaic embroidered motifs, that will make your image inimitable.

Contrasting color gamma is complemented by deep archaic symbolism. Rhombic motif is dominating. It is a powerful talisman that brings happiness. Rhombus is a symbol of the sun and fertility. Also there is a  triangle in the embroidery - the symbol of man.

Dress Length - 130 cm. Buttons are placed on all length of dress. On the sides of the dress there are wedges, decorated with an embroidery. The neck and sleeves are made in the traditional Ukrainian techniques - "Zbyranka" and "Pukhlyk". There are buttons on the sleeves. Embroidery is made on the Japanese industrial machines. There are used high quality thread that do not fade. The product is hand stitched by our caring seamstresses.

Composition: 100% high quality natural linen.

Recommended Product Care: dry cleaning.

Made in Ukraine.

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